SOLVED AD - W2008 = Can't join a domain

  • Hi,

    When I change the name of one of my hosts, the computer can’t join the domain after reboot.

    I give you a copy of “fog.log” in this Host :

    22/05/2015 11:21 FOG::HostnameChanger Attempting to join domain if not already a member…
    22/05/2015 11:21 FOG::HostnameChanger Domain Error! (‘SetupAlreadyJoined’ Code: 2691)
    But I can’t find it in my AD and I can’t log …

  • Hello,

    thank you for your help : In fact, I deleted the client and update … it’s now ok !

  • Are you absolutely certain it isn’t in the domain already in OU that the Active Directory settings point to?

    We had some issues where someone had simply joined computers to our domain without placing it in our department’s OU. Result was we had no rights to move it around and had to call another department to get it removed.

    I was fairly sure that FOG could rename PCs and have that information update the computer account on the DC, so long as the right service account is used. I renamed a room of computers here and this resulted in computer accounts being created for both old and new names, rather than renaming existing names.

  • @Tom-Elliott Thanks for your quick response !

    Fog service 3.0.29 is install on my Host.
    It’s not join in my domain with the last name I changed…
    Firts name 07-SAV-390 Last name : 07-STOCK-390
    I can see the last name on my computer (07-STOCK-390) but not in my AD and I can’t join the domain ?

  • Which client is this coming from? It sounds like it’s the “old client” which I don’t think was able to re-join domain after it had already joined. I know some environments this works fine (except it leaves the original hostname active the Active Directory OU structure).