Run FOG on an embedded NAS

  • I am thinking of porting FOG to work on a cheap hackable embedded NAS like a Buffalo LinkStation. The non-profit I work for has many locations, and I think it would be great for a tech to be able to throw in a $200 NAS into a bag and be able to reimage a single computer or a lab of computers at any time, anywhere. Most of our IT staff doesn’t have linux experience, a pre-configured appliance could be cheap and easy to use. I think I’d set up the NAS to serve up DHCP, the computer(lab) would plug in directly to the NAS during imaging and get plugged back into the LAN after imaging, a simple setup.

    Would this be possible? Would it be fast enough? I briefly browsed through FOG’s source code it all seems to be PHP, and I don’t think i’ll have a problem running the tftp server or mysql.


  • I just put FOG onto a netbook that dual boots Ubuntu and Win7 and have the admin people at my small offices do reimaging.