New fog server, what about the images

  • I built a new fog server, exported / uploaded my hosts table, the issue now are my images. Is it possible to leave the old server and access them from the new server? Or should I copy them across the wire and manually enter them in the table? Can someone guide me as to the most efficient way to handle this?


  • It’s not exactly what I had hoped i could do, but it’ll get me where I need to go. Thanks!!

    Now that I’ve had time to watch the entire video, I have a question. What does the sync process do? Does it make the image files from the storage node accessible to the main server without transferring the actual file?



  • Steve thanks for the reply. You can have remote storage nodes in fog, but what I would do is follow the wiki guide above to migrate your images and content over to the new fog server, and then re-run the fog install and select option S for a storage node. What this will do is pair the old server with the new server, and use the old server as a distributed image solution.

    I don’t know if you can “change” a standard server to a storage node after the installation has been completed (I’m a linux novice on this aspect). I do know however that if you get the new server up and running properly with your images, the new server will “replicate” directly across to the other server.

    I’ve seen other users have a storage node at each remote site location connected via VPN or MPLS. Once a new image, snapin, or client appears on the main server it will auto replicate that image and information over to the second system.

    I hope this is what you are looking for… Let us know. 🙂


    Here is a guide for adding a second storage node - [url][/url]
    Here is a video walk through - [media=youtube]X72WthDGwsw[/media]


  • I was hoping to be able to use them where they were. I see in the Wiki where you can specify a different nfs server to hold the images but the instructions seem incomplete. Am I correct that I need to establish the /images folder in the other server as a share? How is authentication handled? Thanks for posting.

  • Best practice is to follow the wiki guide as shown here - [url][/url]

    If you have any questions let us know.