• pleas i’am new in the fog i know Little about that
    i need to know some questions in my mind
    and i hope some one help me pls
    1-when the fog server deploy image it’s restore the image to the first partion or format the harddisk to multi partions and restore the image in first one
    2can i make the fog boot every time on any pc without make task for it with mac address
    3-how can i upload image from windows xp and deploy to another pc’s to the first partion with out lost data from the other partion’s
    that’s my first step qustions right now
    thank’s all

  • In the web console you can set / configure the pc’s to always reboot / reimage on X day at X time. This was an alternative to using software to lock the machines down further, simply reimage them every night / etc.

    Look here - [url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Managing_FOG#Cron_Style_Task_Scheduling[/url]

  • I dont quite understand what you mean. You don’t need access to the web console to restore an image. You can generate a restore task individually on each computer by using the pxe menu option quick image. I recommend you use the product deepfreeze to keep your images clean on each boot.

  • Fog only handles the imaging, it doesn’t handle the system locking of software (something like deep freeze).

    If you want to prevent system changes to your computers, look into the free microsoft alternative called steady state (only works on XP though, everything else for windows vista or 7 can be handled by local group policy or domain policy - [url]http://download.cnet.com/Windows-SteadyState/3000-18512_4-11127965.html[/url]

    You could set / configure the computers to all “reimage” at the end of the day / week / etc. using the CRON scheduling feature as a possible work around.

    Hope this helps 😃

  • Let’s see if I’m understanding correctly:

    You want the PC, at boot time, to give the user an option to boot normally or re-image the system?

    If this is what you want, I don’t believe Fog has that capability. Then again, I admit I am new to Fog myself and it may have capabilities I haven’t explored yet.

  • thanks my friend steve 🙂
    but my question because i work in internet cafe i have 160 pc and i need to make server for that
    if any one need to new windows when i restart every time boot from the fog server and add chiose to restor the image of windows to first drive c:\ of any pc i need
    hope to understand me
    any one can help me i will be very happy

    1. If I understand your question, you want the pc to re-image every time it boots? My rather limited experience with Fog says it can’t do that but you may want to look at Kimodo Time Machine as it does have the ability to do a system restore on every boot. Microsoft’s Steady State has a disk protect feature that also restores the drive at every boot, but it’s a discontinued product and doesn’t support Windows 7.

  • thanks raff
    but how about my other questions …;)

  • Fog backups each partition to a seperate file, just delete the other partition files on storage node after upload. If it can’t find them it can’t restore them.