Hardware Inventory Update based on PC Name?

  • So I know you can go into the advanced tasks from the webserver and do a hardware inventory update when the machine boots. This works well, however, we replace computers every 3 years at my place of employment. When a PC is replaced, we always name it the same as the old computer. My question is, is there a way for the hardware inventory to update based on name and not MAC address? Tracking the serial numbers are very important to us, which is why we are looking into this feature more. It would be nicer for us to do things this way instead of deleting out the old computer and re-registering, or manually updating a MAC address.

  • Well a mac address is individualistic, meaning it is unique to the board… this is why Fog uses it for tracking and cataloging.

    We use the DMI info and register our computer names based off of the serial number, as well as name them in AD based off the serial #.

    Most deployment solutions use the mac address, and truth-be-told I still think that this is the best way. Acronis / Altiris / etc. all use Mac addresses as the single unified primary method of identification. >_<

    I really don’t know of a way around what you are trying to do, other than what you’ve already listed above.