Question about storage groups

  • Here is my setup:
    I currently have 12 geographically separate campuses, 1 Master server at my main campus and 11 storage nodes at the other campuses. All are running Debian 7 and FOG 1.2.0. On the FOG home page, it says that there are 120 free which I take that as if I start doing mass imaging the first 10 machines will pull from the storage node where I start the imaging and then start pulling from my other storage nodes?

    If I understand this correctly, each of my campuses must have a storage group and the one storage node will be the only node in the group and the one node needs to be master. I initially set up the nodes this way and replication was not working between them so I set them back to one group and they all started talking again.

    Can someone explain if my understanding is correct?

  • Sweet thanks for the info.

  • If that’s how you setup the location yes

  • So, with the Location plugin active the computers will only pull the image from the assigned storage node?

  • Your understanding seems correct.

    The 120 systems is total number of slots of all nodes within the same group.

    To do what you’re talking about, sure you could create 12 total groups with 12 nodes in total (only one per group), however this sounds exactly what the purpose of the Location Plugin is for. It doesn’t need all the nodes to be part of a separate group. You can assign Locations based on a group, or a group/node pairing. The host, once assigned, will try downloading the image from the location you’ve specified so long as the files it needs exists.