• can i use fog to format my pc?

  • It is using the open source program, “partimag” (partimage . org) to create and store the image files.its a image file .img that it recovers duing the process but finally it sounds like dude sounds like me…wtf

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  • Iris, just to summon everything up so you dont get confused over this.

    1. Yes you can use FOG to re-image your PC
    2. Yes in a sense you can format your PC using the wipe function.

    Just be aware that you need a separate computer/server to have FOG running on, otherwise it makes no sense. Obviously if you have to re-image your home PC and fog is running on it, when you turn off your home pc, so is FOG.

  • Yeah friends you can i never try it on my computer but one of my friend using it and he told me he is not facing any problem with it he is using windows 7 ultimate version friend use it personally and remove it if you face any problem in your computer system…

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  • [I]iris r > please can you clarify what you need. In a sense yes you can format your PC with the wipe function. If you ask if you can re-install your PC with FOG then yes providing you already have made some leg work and uploaded an image of your PC.[/I]

    [I]We need to know what exactly you need before we can help any further.[/I]

  • i was talking about this [media=youtube]Kcrtn1SEUjE[/media]

  • I haven’t tried this but, you can wipe the drive from the FOG Manager via [B]Task Manager -> [/B][I]myHost[/I][B] -> Advanced -> [Fast|Normal|Full] Wipe[/B] …but, that ain’t quite the same thing. You might be able to format by booting into Debug mode.