Uploading image wont exceed 12% of the entire progress

  • does the fog affect SSD(Solid-State Drive) laptop as I am doing a cloning from a SSD laptop but the process is always stop around 12% or half an hour…

    my OS is window 7 32bits, using the image type multiple partition single disk,


  • I don’t think Fog v.32 supports 4 k sectors at this time… I could be wrong though. I thought this was coming out with v.33

    edit yup 4k support in v.33 (see below)

    Rewritten PHP code base to be fully Objected Oriented - easier to develop & maintain
    Developer Tools - create your own FOG Page's to suit your needs
    Hook System - manipulate data & structure easily
    Web UI update - tabs, style updates, lots of code updates & bug fixes
    Mobile UI update - revamped structure & styles
    Partclone - EXT4 & Extended Partition support
    [B]Advanced Format Drive support - 4k sector support[/B]

  • Hi

    You may have a devective RAM chip on your target computer. Y should test it with memtest (from the PXE menu). If your RAM is OK, you mayu also test your drive with a hard drive test tool (MHDD, vivard, or the one from your drive’s manufacturer). I don’t know how a defective SSD behaves, since I never encounteered this case.

    Hope that helps