Consultation please ,multicast does not continue to second partition.

  • atached log file. does it give clues for what is wrong ?

    the clients waits on clear screen saying "starting to restore image (-) to device (//dev/sda2)
    and does not move foreword.

    using SVN 3047 , linux mint 17.1 Rebecca


  • Thanks Tom, something strange is happening while i’m updating , it get hang on “… Downloading New FOG Client file…”
    more than half an hour now.
    this has never happened to me before.

  • First, I’d recommend start by updating and see if the issue is still present, though it may require a full reboot of the server just to ensure the multicast task that is started get’s recreated. I don’t remember exactly when, but I did have a small period of time where the udp-receiver command was not looking for the fog server at a specific location. This would cause the issue you’re describing if your clients are on separate subnets of that of the FOG Server.