Host Management

  • Under Snapin, And Printer management for a Host,

    Include inheritance for them such that it would read?

    Here is an example with Printers

    Default | Printer Alias | Printer Type | Inherited | Remove
    x | Foo Printer | Local | BarGroup | X Delete
    _ | Derp Printer | Local | This_host, BarGroup | X Delete

  • One host would have a Default Group. and Sub Groups.
    Currently it appears that snapins are are referred to by a Snapin ID. So it would only pickup one snapin once, and show what groups it inherited from.
    It could even work like the permissions of a Mumble Server(an open source VoIP)
    It could work in a structure like this.
    ComputerLab101-ITBuilding Group
    [INDENT=1]|_Presentation Computers Sub Group[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]|_Lab Computers[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=2]|_Hand-accessible Computers[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=2] [/INDENT]
    machines would inherit [S]upward[/S] downward like so.

  • Senior Developer

    This isn’t possible right now.

    We don’t have group associative properties. And in this case, how does one control the inheritance? A host can be a part of any number of groups. So is that host supposed to automatically inherit everything from every group it’s associated with? All the snapins, all the printers, and all the images of every associated group? That would be a bit difficult to approach.

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