• Sometime there are features on a printer you want to turn off, Such as Bidirectional printing.

    It would be nice for an Advanced Tab on the Printer Objects that allowed users to write custom batch/cmd files that would run after install.

    I know it is difficult to add features for every case that is why having a built in script option that would run after would be nice.

    Example, I use HP1022n printers in my environment, and they just do not like Bidirectional printing on. or else it will just print endless copies of the document until that feature is turned off.

    (I plan on removing these damn printers as they are nearing the end of their useful life, but still would be a nice feature)

    It would also be a cool idea to add Snapins to link to printer installs. Could give the ability to add scanning software to the printers as they are added.