Unable to add new user or alter PXE boot menu.

  • Hi
    after a couple of delightful years running Fog 0.29 with XP Pro I have to take the jump into Windows 7 images with a new server. All seemed to be going well until I discover that I cannot add a new user to the Fog console and when I try to modify the PXE settings to hide the menu or add passwords I just get an error thus

    “PXE Menu updated failed! Master Password is null.”

    I suspect it may be down to file permissions but have no clue as to where to start.
    I am not the best expert on Linux but have no problem with editing any files if required.
    Setup is Fog 0.32 on Ubuntu 10.4 Server with GUI.

    Can anyone shed some light on this.
    Many thanks

  • Sussed it out. you need to enter a password in the Master Password box in the ‘Other Information’ page before you can update the PXE menu settings.

  • Hi
    It may be relevant (or not) but when an image had finished deploying and the setup was going through its clean-up routine I notice that the client machine tells me it cannot contact the database!!