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    We are trying to setup a new fog server and move images from our old one, all set up looks ok but when we create new image and then copy the image file into the /images/ folder fog console doesnt detect the size, or when we try to image a pc we get 'image is not valid. What are we missing they are in the same folder as the old one so cant work this out, checked name is correct etc???

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    What kind of image is this? One of the biggest changes from before 1.x.x is the os Is set on the image rather than the host. Make sure the image definition has the proper settings such as image type (resize,multipart,raw),os, and partition (everything). My guess is the image is supposed to be resize but is currently set to multipart which would be why you’re getting the message about mbr.

  • ok, thanks, when the workstation tries to image we get error .could not find MBR or something like that, if we try to push the image to the pc it says image not valid, not sure what to try next maybe start from scratch and create a new W7 image with all updates any guides on this?

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    I appreciate all the detailed answers and just understand that as part of my signature is well see you don’t have to answer every time I make a request or suggestion to you. The 2 GB file size limit is actually a known problem due to Ubuntu and FTP I have changed how this is picked up and it works flawlessly it seems in the current trunk version of fog.

  • Ah That sudo chmod sorted the size out the image now shows as 2gb in the console, not very good with ubuntu/fog by the way not sure of the old version as the actual hardware is gone but they backed up the images to a hard drive first.

    Basics: Please provide:
    FOG Version 1.2.0
    OS Version Ubuntu 12.04

    Can you provide your installation details?

    Have you checked your apache error logs? Can you provide information from these logs? ER WHAT???

    Have you searched the forums for your issue yet? YES BUT MAY HAVE MISSED SOMETHING WILL LOOK AGAIN
    Have you checked the wiki yet? YEP
    Kernel Issues: CHECKING NOW probably just missing something simple it does get a connection and see the fog server but wont install think their is something wrong with the image or i have done something wrong.Thanks for any help



  • What version is your old server? and your new?

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    Is there an image definition correlating the path to the newly moved in path? Also is the files owned properly?? ```
    sudo chmod -R 777 /images

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