HP Probook 4730s- Win7 - Image Much larger than used Data size

  • This laptop came loaded with Win7. I recently had to do a restore to factory and rebuild the laptop. Now I would like to make an image from it for backup purposes. So no sysprep is involved since I’m not using this image to image any other laptop. I have the following partitions.

    System - NTFS-300MB
    😄 - NTFS - 443GB - (45GB Used) Local Disk
    😧 - NTFS - 16GB - (14.3GB Used) HP_RECOVERY
    E: - FAT32 - 5GB - (2.13GB Used) HP_TOOLS

    about 62GB Used on the laptop
    When I try to take an image using Multiple Disks, Multiple Partitions or Single Disk it comes up that the image will be over 200GB???

    I’ve seen some things about the System parition needing to be 100MB for WIn7. Not sure if that’s what’s screwing it up but this is how the machine came loaded and I finally have it where I want and don’t really want to give up 200GB of space on my SAN for what should be a 62GB image.