Stop Auto Reboots? Or how to find errors?

  • Hi all, newb to the forum here

    I’ve had fog a short while and used on and off specifically for linux images and some hp workstations symantec ghost struggles with fairly good results

    Anyway spent a while today preping a new master machine to image, started upload image walked away to help someone for 30 mins and when I came back Windows was up at start up screen so assumed image had successfully finished and rebooted.

    Then registered a new host with the server, and chose to pull the new image but had some odd error messages mostly obscured by the partclone console gui, initially suggesting “invalid magic” something and then after a reboot and trying again suggesting Images/myimagename is a directory or similar.

    Took a look at my images and it seems to be showing 2gb image, but this is a vista image of around 18gb so assuming image must have failed.

    So is there a way I can stop auto reboots or get it to pause at the error for diagnosis? or a particular log file which will help?

    My Set up is Ubuntu 14.04 - fog 1.2.0

    Workstation in question is an hp dc7800p - quite possible its something i did wrong, but struggling to diagnose when it likes to reboot itself 🙂

  • Thanks for your help, will give this a try when I get into the office.

  • Senior Developer

    First size on server is a known about problem specifically with Ubuntu and potentially Debian. It’s all over the forums and even two more similar postings on this just today!

    Second vista and co imaging was broken on 1.2.0 which we didn’t find out about until shortly after its release. To my l pledge this has been fixed in SVN which I would recommend trying. You’d upgrade then you could likely retry the download task again, though it may be easier to just re upload the master again. The version of svn is recommend would be 2996 if possible. I’ve been working hard on the later revs to improve performance and have likely broken other things in the process. To install a specific revision as I’ve recommended, where you’re checking out the repo, make the command like: svn co -r2996 [url][/url]