UNSOLVED Fog Storage Reporting Incorrectly

  • Hello,

    I’ve recently just added a second Fog Server as a Storage Node. The second server is in its own Storage Group to prevent server replication (we simply wanted to add an additional one for more storage).

    The server is working as i’ve tested uploading an image that was set to save to the second Storage Group. However the disk usage reports are way off. From the home screen the first Storage Server (Default Storage) reports disk usage correct in xx GiB of xx GiB used. The second Storage Group however is reporting its usage in TiB, this server only has 500 GiB so it seemed odd. The % of usage is correct but the measurement is not.

    Also when I go into image management the “Size on Server” column reads 2.00 GiB for every image. I know this to be incorrect as i’ve confirmed their size by consoling into the server and checking the actual folder size.

    Prior to adding the second Storage Group / Node everything was working okay. I’m not sure if perhaps I missed something while adding this second Group.

    I’m using the current server software version, 1.2.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for you help!

  • Tom,

    Thanks for the first one. I had search but missed that.

    As far as the Storage Nodes, Yes they are both running 1.2. I used the same installation source for both.

  • Senior Developer

    Again, Search the forums in regards to the “SIZE ON SERVER” issue.

    Second, are all “STORAGE GROUPS/NODES” on the SAME version?