Unable to register host with fog server due to an unknown error

  • The windows desktops display “unable to register host with fog server due to an unknown error” every time they are booted. The fog.log shows nothing of any interest and I am unsure where to go from here.

    Fog 1.2
    Centos 5.11

    Not sure if it is related, but installing any snapin works, then we get the following:
    2/16/2015 3:57 PM FOG::SnapinClient FOG Snapin Installtion complete.
    2/16/2015 3:57 PM FOG::SnapinClient Installation returned with code: 0
    2/16/2015 3:57 PM FOG::SnapinClient Attempting to connect to fog server…
    2/16/2015 3:57 PM FOG::SnapinClient Unknown error, module will exit.
    2/16/2015 3:58 PM FOG::GUIWatcher Message found, attempting to notify GUI!
    2/16/2015 3:58 PM FOG::GUIWatcher Dispatch OK!
    Which means until the service is restarted no more snapins can be deployed.

  • in the logs I see the machine tried to access

    If I view that in a browser from the same machine I get
    #!er:Invalid Version Number, please update this module.