Svn 3005 can´t add hosts to a group

  • [I]Using membership option inside group management[/I]
    checked “Check here to see hosts not within a group” and hosts are displayed normally.
    After select all hosts, clicking [I]add hosts to group[/I], the information is displayed: Group information updated.
    but the hosts still without being part of any group.

    Apache error.log:
    [Wed Feb 11 16:50:15 2015] [error] [client] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/fog/lib/pages/GroupManagementPage.class.php on line 307, referer: [url][/url]

    How can i fix this?

  • Senior Developer

    3006 should’ve fixed this, but better to use 3009 as I found a few other issues.

  • who use svn should keep in mind that is not a “final” version and bugs can happen. this is normal
    but we can see the evolution of software and the work of the entire team.
    this is only for reporting this little bug for future corrections.
    I’m using the 2948 version and everything is working great,
    i try to keep an updated version of svn only to hunt bugs. 🙂
    ps. I like the way the new interface is being built.
    Sorry, my english is not good.

  • Senior Developer

    I’m aware of some issues.

    Hopefully I can sit a little more tonight.

    To think I was trying to do good 😞