Windows 7 not resizing single partition

  • Hello all,

    I have 2 machines that I am working on Windows 7 64bit images for, the HPz210 and z200. I partitioned the hard drives using linux to have one single NTFS partition and installed Windows 7 on the partition. After installing all of my software, I forced a chkdsk, ran it, and then shut the computer down. I am trying to take an image before getting into the MS Office and Win 7 sysprep, just in case.

    In fog, I set up an image as Win 7, single paritition NTFS resizeable. I am using the newest kernel fog provides, 3.2.4 Core. The machine boots into FOG wonderfully, does the setup, shows that the resize has tested correctly, states it is resizing the partition, and then starts the upload. However, once the upload starts, it shows the detected file system type as RAW and starts copying over all 250GB of the Hard Drive.

    Any ideas?

  • As an extra note, everything works as expected with Windows XP. What am I missing?


  • I have tried building a custom kernel with the e1000e module for my network card, and I get the same thing as above. I’d really hate to have to move to a commercial solution to deploy these two labs after using and touting FOG for years. Anyone with any ideas? its also happening on a z200.