Download Speed - Can it be improved?

  • Afternoon all,

    Tried to find a coherent thread for things to change to try improve fog speeds but haven’t been able to find anything concrete.

    All of the images I am pulling are around the 30Gb mark.
    Running fog svn on a virtual os.

    Right now I am pushing an image to a host and getting around 3.3Gb/minute (400Mb/s). In the past I have seen this up at 6Gb/s but I would like to achieve 1000Mb/s per host being imaged.
    Network card is Realtek RTL8169/8110 family PCI gigabit ethernet NIC
    Running through either a gigabit TP-link SG1024D (probably has a small backplane) or I have a cisco SG300-28 which has full 1 gig duplex capacity on all ports.

    I have upped the MTU of the port to 7000 and the port is running on 1000 base, full duplex.
    The image data is being pulled from a Raid5 4-disk array which I thought the read speed may be the problem?

    Any other thoughts or tips to improve speeds?

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