Batch Importing product keys

  • Hello

    Loving Fog thus far, but I’d like to batch import a few hundred Windows product keys… I found the entry in the database, but it seems to be encrypted. Is there anyone who could shed some light on that matter, so I could just import them straight into the database, since the csv import format doesn’t seem to support importing them?

    P.S. if I leave the group product key empty and have keys entered for each individual host, will imaging by group use the individual ones or not perform activation at all?

  • Thanks again!

    However I noticed there’s = replacing the last character of every base64 encoded product key in Fog database (which I had inserted manually via web interface thus far).
    When writing the script to encode all the keys I have, I got a similar result with two ==s appended in the end, but because the file was created in windows. Replacing Windows newlines with Unix’s by dos2unix gave a clean result, of course.
    Now I’m just wondering if this is a oversight in the php portion and I should replace the last character of they keys with it as when writing all the keys straight to the Fog database, or is there something going on beyond the initial php input form on web interface that would change data already in the database even if I’d append cleanly encoded keys?

    Couldn’t find anything relevant in the files, I’m not too php/java savvy.

    Thanks for your time, yet once again…

  • The value is not Encrypted, but base64 encoded as a simplistic form of obfuscation.

    Your script would just need to read the value and base64 encode it which can be done easily on linux. I don’t know how easily it can be done on Windows, but shouldn’t be overly hard.