TFTP Error after changing management password

  • Hello,

    I have had FOG setup and have done many successful deployments. One thing I can NEVER do is change the FOG management Username & Password without messing up the TFTP connection.

    The password I am talking about is the one to login to the Web interface. As soon as I change both the Username and Password, I can no longer connect to the TFTP. I can confirm this by trying to upload an image from a host.I have even checked the config.php in [B]var/www/fog/commons [/B]and have changed it in the [I]Storage Node[/I] settings and [I]FOG Settings[/I] within the Web Interface.

    The message says:

    [I][B]Unable to start task[/B][/I]
    [I][B]Unable to connect to tftp server.[/B][/I]

    Why does it do this? All I want to do is change the dang password so nobody can access the management side as it can get messed up fairly easy.

    Any ideas? I am desperate here as I have had to re-install FOG many times due to stupid mistakes and errors!


  • I was able to fix my own issue and here is how I did it.

    I changed my management username back to [B]‘fog’[/B]

    It looks as if you are [B]NOT[/B] allowed to change the username. The username [B]MUST[/B] be set as [B]‘fog’[/B]

    You [B]MUST [/B]also rename the fog user account created within Ubuntu to match the password within the web interface. (#sudo passwd fog)

    Maybe we can create some sort of sticky thread on this and common TFTP and SQL issues concerning the config.php file. I see this all over the web but no real answers.

    I hope all foes well with whoever is reading this!