Looking for a french translation

  • Hey guys,

    Excuse me, as you can see, I’m French so my English won’t be actually good.
    I didn’t found a thread talking about my problem (maybe I didn’t search well) so I post a new one.

    I’m working on the latest version (1.2.0) and I started with it yesterday so I’m still not a good user… During the install I accept to download additionnal languages and later I found “French” on the WebUI so I thought my life was saved but I wasn’t right. Some titles or just some words are translated, the whole interface.

    That’s why I ask you : Does a REAL French language package exists or do I have to bear with the actual ?
    The WebUI isn’t in an unreadable English so it’s not really important but I would be more efficient with a French version 😉

    Thanks a lot for reading and answering me.

  • Thank you Tom, you’re really fast !

    I understand… Google “translation” doesn’t translate effectively well the English in French.
    But most of the open-source softwares are in English so don’t be in a hury, we can bear with it !

    I thank you for your answer and for your work. Competitors will be misty by FOG.

  • Senior Developer

    French translation is relatively new to FOG and as such (most of it translated by to through Google Translate) it is not very pretty or understandable in most cases. Seeing as it takes a LOT of work to do a full translation file, it’s been a little but, but it is being worked on.

    Right now it’s not complete though, but in a few versions it should be relatively good to go.