Hanging after clearing NTFS flag after upload

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    I am on SVN trunk 2082, kernel 17th dec 2014. Updated fine and now when I upload an new image; this happens. See shot. I have found same issue in thread above and I still can’t fix it. Also my schema/database keeps breaking. I log into the console and suddenly its saying its broken and after searching I have run this command {sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.5} to mend it. I keep having to do it. Do you think its messed up the database?

    just uploading from virtual machine as always…thanks in advance!!


  • there is no error - uploads fine etc - only go to images and no image - but in the DEV folder it’s clearly sat there and not processed properly to a folder name in the /images. Thanks

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    Its probably relating to ftp. My best guess is either you have a newer version of vsftpd or password is incorrect. Try using the user and password in the storage nodes configuration to FTP into the node. Does it fail with privilege issues or another type of error?

  • Thanks uninstalled and re installed to latest trunk. Thanks for your time. Whats the best install method. There are many, some have a password for mysql and others say to ignore then edit files afterwards. Can you point me to a definitive guide. Also I have kept the images folder and re added my list in image managemnt gui. However for every image it just says “0.00 iB0.00 iBPartcloneNo Data” however if I quick image etc it will find it and image fine :). No bigie but be nice to bring that back too:_)

    Oh man - just did a quick test to upload an image and it worked perfect. Then looking in images folder the image wasnt even there. Then on quick image to test it says “image store corrupt:unable to locate MBR”.
    What to do :_/9? looking futher into this the images are sat in the DEV folder in images. Not sure why? Have run the chmod commands to set best perms as per the many posts here. Not sure what to do now? Thanks

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    SVN 2082? Can you upgrade?