Image temporary directory not moved to proper location after upload

  • I’m having a problem with uploading images using Fog 1.2.0. I’ve had this problem before, and last time it was fixed by changing directory permissions using chmod. But that doesn’t seem to be working this time.

    This is a new Fog 1.2.0 installation, running on Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit desktop running natively. My previous installation was running in a VM on top of Windows 7, but Windows did an automatic update that resulted in the machine restarting while the VM was running. This damaged the VM, leaving it in a state that would no longer start up. So I’ve abandoned the VM approach for now as being too fragile, and am running Linux natively.

    What happens is that the upload works fine up to the point where the image files are stored in a temporary directory under /images/dev, named after the MAC address of the machine being imaged. But these files are supposed to be moved to a directory in /images, given a name based on the name of the image. That part isn’t working. I can move the files manually, and then I can download the image again without problems. I understand that the moving of the files is supposed to be done via the FTP server. I can connect to the FTP server, so it is clearly running.

    Any suggestions?

  • Thanks, that seems to have fixed it.

    Since Fog uses several servers and other components that use usernames and passwords, and since it seems that the installation script doesn’t set them all correctly, is there any documentation for Fog that explains how to set them all up correctly?

  • Most likely, yes.

  • To connect to the FTP server I’m using the Linux user account username (fog) and password. When I look at the DefaultMember storage node under storage management, it shows the Management Username as fog, but the Management Password is blank. Would that be the problem then?

  • When you say: “I can connect to the FTP server” are you using the information for the node under storage management username and password?