Fog 1.2 image upload issue

  • I’m having an issue uploading an image to my fog 1.2 install. The system pxe boots, the image capture starts but then completes in 1 second. The job is marked as completed in the webui, but the image is 0bytes.

    I’ve found other threads stating that if i have a folder in the /images/dev directory with the MAC of the machine im trying to image that would suggest an FTP credentials issue. I double checked that the user/pass in the ‘storage node’ section matches that of the fog user in linux. Am i checking in the right place?


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    I’m telling you, it’s already setup in 1.2.0.

  • I tried imaging this machine with clonezilla and it worked. I’m not terribly familiar with the scripting of osc-sr, but it’s good to know that Partclone is at least capable of what i’m trying to do.

    I did notice that the clonezilla restore process had to reinstall grub, so even if i get the image upload/deploy working I’ll have to figure out a way to script the grub reinstall.

    If anyone can deduce anything from the clonezilla script, this was it:
    [CODE]osc-sr -g auto -e1 auto -e2 -c -r -j2 -p true restoredisk imagename sda[/CODE]

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    What’s catching my attention is:
    [code]Skipping partition tables and mbr – done
    Skipping partition 1 – done
    Skipping partition 2 – done
    Skipping partition 5 – done[/code]

    This leads me to think there’s a specific partition specified, or the MBR file is missing. It’s not writing the partition layout on the disk which is why you’re seeing the issue from what I can tell.

  • No, I set the image as Multi-partition image (non-resizable) and ran a standard Upload task, no special arguments.

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    did you specify a “partition” to image?

  • Results of gdisk -l /dev/sda:

    Partition table scan:
    MBR: MBR only
    BSD: not present
    APM: not present
    GPT: not present

    Found invalid GPT and valid MBR; converting MBR to GPT format
    in memory.

    Disk /dev/sda: 156250000 sectors, 74.5 GiB
    Logical sector size: 512 bytes
    Disk identifier (GUID): 420B06D6-F910-4D96-A325-287306E0CE94
    Partition table holds up to 128 entries
    First usable sector is 34, last usable sector is 156249966
    Partitions will be aligned on 2048-sector boundaries
    Total free space is 5965 sectors (2.9 MiB)

    Number Start (sector) End (sector) Size Code Name
    1 2048 148146175 70.6 GiB 8300 Linux filesystem
    5 148148224 156248063 3.9 GiB 8200 Linux swap

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    What about gdisk -l /dev/sda

  • My apologies this took awhile, helpdesk kinda blew up for a bit.

    Ok. Results of Debug Upload:

    Variable dump:
    Osid = 50
    Osname = linux
    Mbrfile =
    Type = up
    Storage =
    Img = Ubuntu
    Imgformat =
    Imgtype = mps
    Imgformat =
    Imgpartitiontype =
    Hd = /dev/sda
    Part = /dev/sda1

    Debug output:
    Checking operating system - Linux
    Checking cpu cores – 2
    Send method – NFS
    Checking in – Done
    Mounting filesystem – done
    Using image: Ubuntu
    Preparing backup location – done
    Looking for hard disks – done
    Using hard disk : /dev/sda
    Skipping partition tables and mbr – done
    Skipping partition 1 – done
    Skipping partition 2 – done
    Skipping partition 5 – done

    Task complete

    I ran a ‘parted -l’ to verify that the disk was MBR and got “Partition Table: msdos” The man page for parted stating: [FONT=Consolas][COLOR=#222222]msdos - this is a standard MBR partition table[/COLOR][/FONT]


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    Can you please give my thoughts a show for their money at least?

  • I can verify the disk was not setup as GPT, but I am attempting an upload of a Ubuntu “oem” install. The system consists of 2 partitions- one main ext3 partition and a small swap.

    I searched around for more info on this and found a similar post here: [url][/url]

    However this post is from FOG .33 and I can’t quite make sense of the reported solution.

    Can anyone verify that they are able to capture and deploy linux images to hosts? I thought i had read that support for imaging linux was added in 1.2, but I’m having a hard time finding practical examples or guides.

    Thanks Again!

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    Nope try running a debug upload task and check you system is not set to have gpt structures as it sounds like you have an mbr image but gpt still exists.

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