A pc with nvidia riva tnt2 don't make network boot

  • A pc with nvidia riva tnt2 vanta don’t make network boot (the graphic menu don’t show), if i remove the graphic board from pc, then network boot works.

  • Senior Developer

    First things first,

    How is this fog’s fault? What I mean, if you put the Video card in and the system can’t boot network, wouldn’t that indicate there’s something wrong with the motherboard? There’s nothing I can do for that.


    When you task the system, does it perform the tasking and you just can’t see the information? I mean, that would indicate a kernel driver problem, but seeing as the problem (seemingly) starts before this, it once again leads back to the system motherboard of video card being problemattic. If the case is that imaging tasks and such actually are operating, I’ll request that you attempt making a custom kernel, but from the information I got from this very short post, this probably isn’t going to fix the problem.

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