Causes of a 503 When Installing Snapins

  • My network admin and I are sure this is a terribly simple problem that we just haven’t got figured out. We’re hoping someone can give us a hand.

    [I]Some [/I]snapins cause the server to return a 503 error. All of this done on the same client running the same image.

    Other snapins install without a problem.

    To make matters more interesting, all snapins install fine to a VM which is wired into the network or when the machine is VPN’ing into the network.

    The server is Ubuntu 14.04, a complete reinstall in order to upgrade from Ubuntu 12.04
    This happened before on Ubuntu 12.04, but that was specific to a single machine (or image, can’t remember).
    Running FOG 1.2

    I’ve disabled UFW. We have gone over and over the config files and the tables, looking for something that looks awry. There’s global read privileges in /opt/fog/snapins.

    I don’t think the size of the snapin is a problem. A 750MB snapin installs, while a 508K snapin throws the 503.

    I would appreciate any help. If I can provide you any information to help fix this, please let me know.

  • Is it possible the “thresh hold” of the number of max clients accessing the web server has been reached?