Imaging via VPN; any update on that old issue?

  • Hi everyone,

    While back there was a long discussion about one’s inability to use FOG across VPN connected sites and ultimately it had to do with the tftp implementation and packet size; clearly a networking issue. Suggestions were circulated as to adjust the tftp server largest block size (at daemon start-up command line parameters) but I don’t believe an official remedy was ever achieved (do correct me if I am wrong here).

    So I wanted to ping the community to see whether this issue is possibly no longer a problem with the newest version of FOG or whether a concrete remedy was discovered?

    Thank you

  • Also,

    While the payload of receiving the undionly.kpxe/default.ipxe files may take a little bit (about 130k total size) ipxe uses http/tcp protocols after this, so I imagine as long as the payload can be received everything after that would go Very fast.

  • Yes it is. I did testing with local tftp in order to eliminate that variable and further discovered that NFS copy, too has a major performance issue. I couldn’t find your e-mail address ping me off-site and would love to setup VPN sites (I have spare ASAs laying around) and we can have a decent test bed.

  • Just to bring it to the forefront, I imagine this is the forum (old) that you were referring to?


  • I don’t have VPN or tunnels of any type to test with. So I’m going to say No, but that doesn’t mean I’m not open to trying to figure out a solution.

    If you’d be willing to work with me on getting such a setup, I’m sure others would appreciate the effort as well.