External USB Drives on Client Devices

  • We have been using 0.32 since it was released and have a lab with old laptops in the back closet we use to fog various drives. They all use external USB connectors that we hook a SATA drive to and them send the image. Works great. The problem is we would like to migrate to 1.2. The server works fine but if we try and use the external USB connectors with the SATA drives it always says “hard disk not found.”

    I am assuming there might be a config change I can make so the new Fog server can see external drives like 0.32 could. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Senior Developer

    You’d have to build a new kernel for this support.

    The reasoning:

    I removed all USB HDD potentials, as what was happening more often than not was FOG was imaging the external drives when that was NOT the intended drive. Because of this, I removed USB HDD’s from the kernel.