Failed to connect to.. Showing up in Disk Info in Web Gui

  • I have had to do a clean install of my FOG Servers (not fun to recreate everything Database got hosed during upgrade to 1.20) Anyway, my Storage Nodes are not appearing in either the Disk Info or the Bandwidth Graphs. But if I click on the Failed to Connect to Link that appears in the Disk Information Box in the Web GUI, the Hardware info for the Storage Node comes up and I can upload and deploy images from that Node without any issue. I would be nice to see the pie charts on each Node about how much Disk Space is available. BTW I am running FOG 1.20 on Ubuntu 12.04. Any ideas?

  • How do I check that the storage node can properly access the database server? As I stated in the OP that I can create images that are stored on the Node and deploy those images without a problem. The Web GUI can also read the Hardware info from the Node. [ATTACH=full]1516[/ATTACH]


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  • You may need to ensure that the storage nodes can properly access your database server. The reason you’re not getting any return is because the database of the relevant node isn’t connected to the main server. Because it can’t find itself to give you the relevant data, it can’t display the data.