How to use Postdownloadscripts.

  • Trying to set up some post-flight scripts and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to a general overview on how the new postdownloadscripts directory works. Specifically right now I’m trying to re-install grub at post-flight. I’ve been looking for some documentation on this but can’t seem to find any yet.

  • Jesus. Great job! As one, I know that took a lot of work. Thanks.

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  • I think the issue with grub might be that we’re pulling windows partition from one vm and getting the Linux partition from another computer and then putting them all together to push out. It’s a bit of a mess right now because we are testing how to get a new Linux image going. Thanks for the help though, if any one else is looking for a little more info on this, Tom Elliot gives some here: [url][/url]

  • First,

    Why do you need to rewrite grub? 1.2.0 should do this flawlessly for you. If it doesn’t maybe I can fix it?

    To help with postdownloadscripts,

    All it does is post imaging tasks (specifically post download imaging) before the system get’s ready to reboot.

    You put in your script what you need it to do, such as copy files to the hdd, or whatnot. Call the script in the postdownloadscript file within postdownloadscripts folder and all should happen according to how you’re doing tasks. Hopefully it helps.