Capone query

  • I use the capone plugin alot but i have one query.

    I have both partimage and partclone images , I was having a lot of issues with “this is not a partclone image” when trying to image using the the partimage images. I am copying them from the existing live server. anyway i now having them working if I use the host image download option but if i try to use capone, i still get the " this is not a partclone image"

    1. Does capone support imaging of partclone and partimages?

    2. Anyway to get it to recognise that the image is a partimage image and not partclone.

  • Works perfectly Thanks Tom.

  • Thanks Tom.

  • Senior Developer

    capone should recognize though I probably forgot to add the imgFormat variable to the scripts. I’ll get on that this evening and have it set and ready for svn. I realize you probably don’t want to use that for your environment, but you can just copy the relevant file and all should work fine.

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