FOG User Login History Summary Slow

  • Hi
    Great work btw, but after upgrading to v1 the listing was changed, when you are using User Login Hist.
    Earlier you could search for the username, but now you have to wait for it to load all users in a dropdown list.

    This takes very long time on the main server, since there are many users…

    Is there anyway to change this to be able to search for a username?


  • Thanks for the replies 🙂

    Well haven’t had time to update it yet.
    We only have Windows 7 Images here. So no worries with XP/Vista.
    But the images bug is not so good.
    All my images (mostly) where made in 0.32
    I re upload new revisions all the time, but if this creates problem, I might wait a bit and see.
    I do have 1.2.0 on some of my other servers, everything seems to be working there.

    But back to the original question. If I can’t get it to read database faster, how do I revert to the old search function in user login hist?


  • Version 1.2.0 shouldn’t matter as much, but it is the latest stable version.

    Some of the points of that particular release:
    [code]* Fix GUI not loading if no nodes are in storage group.

    • Fix FOGPageManager loading plugin class files properly.
    • Fix foglang variable to be loaded before init so entire FOG system has
      access to them.
    • Fix multicast tasks to close through FOGMulticastManager rather than
    • Fix configureNFS line to only update exports if it’s not an update.
    • Fix installer/upgrader to use values stored in .fogsettings if set.
    • Fix client page so you don’t have to be logged in to view it.
    • Fix hwinfo and client node= links to operate properly.
    • Fix installer to check for msyql-galera-server as is used for mysql-server
      in CentOS 7.0
    • Fix donate tasking completetion elements so systems reboot/shutdown as
      needed when the time is met.
    • Fix 100% usage of the disk in resizable images. Percentages should not be
      used and should never have been used to getin with. It now uses the -1s
      method to specify to the end of the disk.
    • Add ftp file size checking. All sizes are done through ftp now.
    • Add size of byte filtering to get pretty size.
    • Add $this->FOGUser to FOGPageManager and Hook to check if its set. This is
      needed because FOGBase is loaded before FOGUser is actually established.
    • Add postdownloadscripts to allow custom init scripts to be run after imaged.
    • Add Windows 8/8.1 ability to image with resizable. BCD works with them too.
    • Add SnapinJob to Host class.
    • Add libtorrent and rtorrent to inits.
    • Add beginning stages to allow split file images.
    • Add hostname to kernel args as default. Use hostearly variable sent if
      HOSTNAME_EARLY is enabled and check against this to change hostname.
    • Add ability for resizable image with Linux. Thanks Curtis
    • Add ability for resizable Multiboot systems, assuming Windows Parts are at
      the start of the hard-drive. Thanks Curtis
    • Add cabextract and libmspack to inits and source code for buildroot.
    • Add product key changer to FOG. NEEDS: client installer recompile.
    • Add the ability to have “login” entries on items of the advanced menu.
    • Update plugin hooks with system to check if they are enabled or not to
      display their relevant menu/submenu items or other actions.
    • Update ipxe/undionly tftp files to latest available.
    • Update pigz operations to their own function in init.xz files and in
    • Remove IMAGE_TRUST_CMD from ipxe/undionly to hopefully remove console
    • Remove htmldoc/clamav from fedora/centos installer. Reinserted after adding
      Mageia support.
    • Remove hooking from Mobile pages as it’s already a limited section.
    • Schema update to remove ssh client setting stuff and move FOG_SNAPINDIR to
      FOG Snapin - Service category.
    • Refine session closing/opening/regenerating data on GUI side.
    • Refine service files particularly for snapins.
    • Redirect users to index.php if they attempt to go to a node that doesn’t
      have a relevant class to work with.[/code]

    There are a couple of bugs in this one, such as Windows XP/Vista imaging is broken (sorry) but it has been fixed in SVN.

    The other issue with 1.2.0 was Images that were created in 0.32 then re-uploaded (whether under the same image name or as a new image) from the 0.32 download image may not work properly.

    The reason they don’t work properly is 0.32 assumed a starting sector of 63s. While the image may have originally started at sector 2048s of the hard drive, it moved the entry point of the data back to 63s. In 1.2.0 (rather any 1.x.x release prior to this) FOG didn’t not try making major assumptions as to the starting point. If the image was Windows 7/8 and the image type is resizable, the first sector always started at 2048 regardless of what was specified in the partition table. Because the 0.32 image assumed start at 63s, the first bits of data were written at that spot. In the 1.2.0 the data start point is at 2048, so the relevant boot data no longer is accessible. There is a fix for this in SVN, just thought to give you a heads up.

  • Hi
    Tanks for the answer.
    I will try to make it persistent and see if it loads faster.
    Yeah I can see the use for it, and it does come in handy.
    But for me, I have no need for a list. Since I can find the usernames in AD.
    I’m not running 1.2 yet on this server. So do I need to try this here?

  • It’s actually very easy to make it work through searching means, but the reason why we went with a select box was to ensure you knew you had the right names that had logged in/out of a system without knowing who actually did this.

    That said, if you’re running 1.2.0 or svn: maybe try with a persistent connection to the database? To make db settings persistent, all one needs to do is change the:

    Assuming your IP for the fog server is