• I created my master image painstakingly on Hyper-V. Tested these image to new created VM all working. I then copied this master/golden image to a physical fog server in work. Copy the image to the correct folder. And added this image to the server. The image deploys without any issues. But the laptop that I have deployed it too the just BSOD on me. Can’t be fixed via chkdsk or windows repair.

    I have gone the sysprep route yet as I want to make sure I can deploy this image to most of the laptop I will need to.

    Fog server: 1.2.0 laptop win7 64 bit

    is it a driver issue because it is a VM??

  • Thanks K0R, valid point who would have thought that an HP ProBook 4530s has got an ide hdd??? SORTED

  • Change the sata operation in Bios. AHCI / SATA

  • No I have sysprep yet I want this golden image to b perfect so I was testing it out on other laptops. I will test the sysprep method as per one of the tuts with the driver pack folder. Thanks for the help there Tom

  • So you are sysprepping?

    If the system isn’t sysprepped, it’s most likely a driver issue. Maybe try sysprepping?