Blank screen after PXE Menu when imaging on DVI port but, not on VGA

  • We setup a test bench to try out FOG 0.32 with a few Dell Optiplex 745’s. These Dell’s have both VGA and DVI display ports on their integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000. If we plug the monitor into the DVI port, we can see the PXE boot menu but the screen goes blank and displays a, “Cannot display this video mode” error when uploading/downloading images or anything after it exits the initial text-mode after selecting a PXE menu option. If the monitor is plugged in to the VGA port then we can see everything as you would normally expect.

    With monitor plugged into DVI port of client:

    1. Graphical PXE Menu - OK
    2. Brief Text Mode ("…Ready.") - OK
    3. Actually doing something - Not OK

    Superficially, even if we can’t see what’s happening it still works but if we go live with FOG this will be a problem - we have 100’s of machines that will have the monitor plugged into the DVI port and the lack of feedback is going to be an issue.

    Any clues as to how I can change the display mode/resolution would be greatly appreciated.

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