Fog 1.2.0 with Windows 8.1 domain joining problem

  • We are running FOG 1.2.0 and our images are Windows 8.1 Enterprise. When we deploy an image with the Join Domain box checked and all the settings are correct, the machines image fine but will not join the domain. Our domain controller is running on Server 2012 in case anybody was wondering. Can somebody help us get this working so we don’t have to join every machine manually to the domain?

  • Yes, I have the fog client installed on both images I have. I have the correct server IP address and hostname changer is enabled. I’m not sure what the fog.log has in it. Tomorrow I’ll try to deploy an image to another machine and see what the fog.log file says about joining.

  • I’m running FOG 1.1.2 and just went through this a few days ago with Windows 8.1 Enterprise and it worked for me. In my past experience it seems most of my issues come from the client side, not the FOG server or Active Directory side.

    Is the fog client installed and have you verified the settings are correct? Ex: fog server ip/name is correct, hostname changer is enabled…

    The fog client creates a log called fog.log in the root of the C drive. Does it give any valuable information?