Restore PC with fix MBR and settings users

  • Hi,
    I’ve 2 questions about Fog.
    When I restore an image on a pc (Lenovo, 1 partition for rebbot ), it doesn’t start; I need to use fix MBR from XP os CD. How Can I solve this problem?
    Can I change user settings during a restore process (something different from SysPrep) from Pippo pc to Topolino’s one?
    Thanks for your help

  • Maybe this could be the solution to my problem?

    Release date: October 27, 2008

    • Fixed wipe tasks’ kernel argument issue
    • (2076993) Added option to add computer to domain from fog.reginput

  • Thanks x your help,
    Can I change the domain and the domani restart user?

  • The mbr partition should be re-installed when you re-image, make sure you select the correct O/S type when you assign the image to the computer. I am not sure about the “user” settings, you can change the machine name if that is what you mean, from the FOG dashboard under HOSTS you can assign the computer name you need to each host which will then be applied on the first boot. You will also need to [url]http://yourfogserver/client[/url] and install the FOG client to allow it to change the machine hostname.

  • Hi,
    anybody can help me?