Fog wants to reinstall schema when machine rebooted

  • I’m working on installing Fog 1.2.0 on an Ubuntu 14.04 machine. The ubuntu machine is up to date, but has nothing other than SSH installed. I run the install script and everything seems to go ok. Once all the steps are complete, I can log in to the web UI. I can PXE boot a machine and register it, etc. If I reboot the Fog machine, it comes up, but when I visit the web UI, it tries to force me to do the schema install step again.

    Any suggestions?


  • I am having the same issue on 14.04.

    sudo service mysql stop && sudo service mysql start fixes it.

    Also seems to cause (maybe unrelated, not sure?) issues with FOGMulticastManager

  • Yes, it is running. I found a bunch of errors in the mysql/error.log file indicating that InnoDB was having problems locking files.

    Further digging seems to indicate that mysqld is configured to start twice. Once in /etc/init.d and once in /etc/init. Not sure where that is wired into the instal scripts, but apparently in 14.04, the mysql-server package installs the daemon control in /etc/init (upstart).

    If somebody can point to where the init.d stuff is handled for Ubuntu, I will take a whack at modifying the scripts to handle the 14.04 case.

  • Developer

    check if mysql is running