Bandwith graph missing for storage nodes on FOG 1.2

  • Hi all,
    I had FOG 0.32 st up with a couple of remote storage nodes, which were tied back to the master. Images would replicate (slowly) over the internet, and I could monitor where the data was going via the bandwidth graph which showed the nodes transmission/reception as well as the master. This seems to be missing in FOG 1.2. The image attached shows bandwidth display with master node and one remote storage node under FOG 0.32. I cannot get the storage node bandwidth info to appear with 1.2. Only bandwidth info for the master node appears. Anyone have an answer or idea remote node info is missing or have I missed a step? FYI, I can switch between storage locations in the disk space pie chart, so that part works fine.
    Thanks in advance.[ATTACH=full]1434[/ATTACH]

    [url="/_imported_xf_attachments/1/1434_bandwidth graph.jpg?:"]bandwidth graph.jpg[/url]

  • An update for those viewing this post. Tom Elliot has advised me that we now see just the bandwidth info for the node selected in the disk space piechart. So bandwidth information is no longer shown for all nodes at once.