Request for tutorial: Moving images from VM to PM

  • I have been creating my Master/golden image on a Hyper-V. And the image is now solid, tested and deployed at every stage of the development. As this image is on Hyper -V is Ubuntu fog server 1.2.0 and I would like to move the image/s to a physical box also Ubuntu. I take it to copy it into the image dir but surely you need to update the mysql db to reflect these image additions.

    If some can be so kind as to write a short tut on how to do all this and all the pitfalls for the process that would be greatly appreciated.

  • The simplest tutorial EVER…

    Copy the images you need to the location you need: E.G.
    From the machine you want to be the new location
    [code]scp -r fogserverOldContainer:/images /
    touch /images/.mntcheck
    touch /images/dev/.mntcheck
    chmod -R 777 /images[/code]

    Make all the associations and make sure the paths for the new images is setup according to your, now, existing image files E.G.

    If you have Win7Sysprepped, XPImage14, Image3, iMage4

    Create the images in the GUI by going to the Image Management page.

    You can name them whatever you like. Just ensure the path to the image matches that of the images contained:

    So under this knowledge you can make them whatever name you want, but the Image Path’s would need to be:
    respectively according to the parameters.

    You’ll also need to specify the Image OS (Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, etc…) And if you’re running on SVN (maybe 1.2.0?) The imgPartitionType.

    Most of your images will have an imgPartitionType of all.