Lot of disks don't work

  • I just update to r2407, and i have a lot of problems with my disk sata and ide.
    When i want to image, partclone start and say : task finish, but skip imaging.
    I can’t screen, cause it goes too fast.
    (always sorry for my english)

  • It’s OK

  • Senior Developer

    2413 should fix this for you now.

    Thanks for reporting.

  • Senior Developer

    I think I know why.

    Capone has a preset value for how it creates the tasking. However, it was added that we have the capability to image a particular partition with FOG now, and I don’t know if the “partition” style was passed in the capone options and checks.

    Let me take a look and see if I can get this fixed for 2413.

  • r2412 - i see : “skipping partition 1” with capone.

    Why ?

  • I’ll try a download via adressIP/Fog and via fullregistration -> image, and the two way ok with the R2410 version

  • download after capone

    images work before

  • Senior Developer

    Is this on upload or download?

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