Multiple problems with FOG 1.20

  • Hi!

    Lets start with setup we have here. We have fogmaster-named server that runs FOG 1.20. Then we have six storage nodes that also runs FOG 1.20 but only storage-node install of the FOG.

    The storage-nodes have two network cards and they run NAT/VPN service for our computers. This servers also run’s the FOG’s storage-node software. All storage nodes are “Master nodes” and we do the image replication by hand.

    The problems started when we upgraded all the servers to Ubuntu LTS 14.04 and FOG 1.20. All servers were re-installed from scratch. (Before update there were Ubuntu LTS 12.04 and FOG 0.32)

    First problem is in some locations where we run fog, the multicast does not start on all computers. It may go to “waiting”-state in 8 computers but the other two just says something like “!IM (1min) !IM (2min) !IM (4min)”.

    We have checked maxclients setting in that location’s storage-node and thats 20. Logs showing noting weird and all connections between storage-node <-> fogmaster are looking good. If i make a group of those working 8 computers, and start multicast task it works fine. Also unicast working fine.

    Second problem is that we cannot change the multicast interface on storage nodes. I have changed it from fogmaster’s web-ui and storage-node’s configuration. No change, the udp-sender listens on wrong ip/interface.

    Here’s picture what the setup looks like


  • The interface can be changed, but i believe the interface for the relevant nodes are in a text box. Does this sound correct?

    If you change the interface it’s referring to, it’s likely you’ll have to restart the FOGMulticastManager service on the changed interface nodes as the php service file that sleeps and checks in as already been loaded under the other setup.

    Maybe this will help?