Task not completing if script is "live" in postdownloadscript

  • Heya,

    New FOG convert here, first post… : )

    I have a postdownloadscript that is running successfully following an image download, but the download task (whether “plain” download or “debug” download) is not being marked complete when everything is done, so next boot (when set to net boot first always) the download task runs again and the system is re-reimaged.

    The task [I]is[/I] completing successfully; if I power off the machine instead of rebooting, then manually delete the download task on the FOG control panel, then reboot, the machine boots to Win7 as imaged and everything is hunky-dory.

    Is there some exit condition or flag that should be set or something that should be passed back from my postdownloadscript? It’s exiting with a simple “exit 0”, meaning successful of course.

    (FWIW, my postdownload script replaces <ComputerName>*</ComputerName> with the contents of $hostname in unattend.xml-- this makes the system bind to AD with the correct name, instead of binding with a pretend name then having to rename the AD workstation object. I’ve found this just works better.)


    Mike Pullen
    Computer Tech
    School District of Baraboo, WI

  • Ok, the solution is: do not[I] exit 0[/I] at the end of postdownloadscripts…