Partition Resizing (expanding) not working. Windows 7 Single Partition (Resizable)

  • I’m deploying my 35GB Universal Windows 7 Image to a machine with blank hard disk and no partitions on It and after the download of the image to the Computer the automated (unattended) process of Windows Install starts and finishes but when I open File Explorer it shows that I have C:\ with 35Gb used and no free space. But when I go to Computer --> Manage --> Disk manage --> it shows that the partition occupies all the hdd’s space --> 750GB.
    I recreated 2-3 times my Master Image, deployed it 2-3 times to the computer with no errors or wornings, but the outcome is always the same. Anny suggestions?

    P.S.: Using FOG 1.2 on CentOS 6.5

  • Absolutely no luck! I unchecked the chkdsk option and nothing. No resizing. I reinstalled my CentOS and newly installed fog stable version 1.2, uploaded my master image from VirtualBox to FOG, then deployed it to a real machine and still no resizing. I began to think that my Windows 7 master installation has problems , but It’s awkward that when making the master image with clonezilla from time to time I have the same problem, but rarely, and all I had to do is to retake the image. So maybe my problem is in another place.

  • Also checked on an other fog install so this is not an error that we both had on our configuration.
    Yet, i don’t have problem of size as you so i don’t think this will change something.

    If i have any other idea, i’ll reply but i think my knowledge of fog is too limited.

  • [quote=“jmeyer, post: 37232, member: 6537”]Not sure of this but there is check disk thing in options -> general settings -> FOG_DISABLE_CHKDSK
    It looks disabled for me because it’s ticked.
    Maybe translation isn’t good ?[/quote]

    Yes it was disabled [checked] in my config. Tomorrow when I go to office will try deploying the image with this option unset. And I’ll get you posted. Thanks for your post.

  • Not sure of this but there is check disk thing in options -> general settings -> FOG_DISABLE_CHKDSK
    It looks disabled for me because it’s ticked.
    Maybe translation isn’t good ?

  • It was 1. 2 but after this problems I decided to use latest as of time svn 2353 build and that did not change nothing

  • Developer

    “latest svn build” is basically meaningless to me since the “latest” version changes multiple times a day. also, you should NOT run a svn version as a production server unless you are doing so to address a specific issue you had with the official release, and it was recommended by a developer.
    in your first post, you said “Using FOG 1.2” which is NOT TRUE, invalidating many of the assumptions that were made while trying to help you.

  • Just to clarify: It’s not my first time making images with FOG, the image is selected rightfully, single disk, multiple partition (resizable), taken down from the VirtualBox and then uploaded to a real hardware. The image is made as described by the thread about Universal Windows 7 with SAD drivers deploying in this forum and It was working superbly up until now. I’m using the latest SVN trunk (2353). When using clonezilla for creating and deploying the same image i’ve noticed that just after deploying image and restarting the process and booting from HDD, the first thing that is being done is disk checking by the automated Windows 7 hardware independable installation and all is GOOD, but my failing FOG deployment does not run Windows disk checking.
    P.S. Tomorrow I’ll run Single Disk, Multiple Partitions (not Resizable) type of image.

  • I’m running the latest svn build, so this file is the correct one, e. g. I’ve tested with this one and it’s not working.

  • Directly checking deploy problem ?
    Maybe image isn’t saved the right way on the server and already has a fixed drive size after upload ?

  • Developer

    just as a test, could you try replacing the init.xz and init_32.xz files with the versions located here
    ( if you’re running ubuntu they’re located on your server at /var/fog/service/ipxe/ )
    and try deploying the image again

  • No, no. See below where is the disc geometry. At the top I accidently clicked on the name column and changed the view order.

  • What looks extremely strange to me is the order your partitions are listed. It’s almost like the “main partition” is the first partition and the recovery partition is the second. This may be the issue?

  • Yes I do have only one, beside 100MB boot partition.

  • I don’t use ExpandOSPartition on my sysprep so this shouldn’t be needed i think.
    Have you only one partition on the drive (other than the small one for system created by Windows) ?

  • Absolutely

  • [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 37198, member: 7271”]Your stuff should be perfectly fine now.[/quote]

    Not exactly.
    I will explain somewhere else that on this topic.

  • Are you sure that your image type is on resizable single partition on FOG web page ?

  • And How’s that possible, My Virtual Disk is 35GB, my partition in VirtualBox is 34.8GB and is now 7GB free (I’ve cleaned some unnecessary software) and I’m deploying it to a 80GB disk and to 500GB disk. You see my Universal Image Disk is much smaller to the ones I’m deploying to. And I did not had any fixed size or autoexpanding stuff in my unattended.xml file. I did put just now the clause about the ExpandOSPartition in my unattend file, I’ll test it and get back to you.
    P.S. So somebody tell me how to fix (workaround) my problem.

  • Is it normal that it display current blocks and total blocks for a resizable upload ?
    I don’t remember having this (maybe i just don’t take time to look during download and upload).
    This let me think about RAW format.