• Hi,
    I have installed a fog server (1.2.0) in an Virtual Box environment.
    I also have there a management client (win7) to open the webinterface.
    Now I create a new VM and let it boot with PXE and choose quick inventory.
    After a few seconds I see the VM at the webinterface with some Virtual Box specs.
    But now I have a problem, the VM is doing a boot loop.
    It boot with PXE but the menu didn’t come up:
    After some more dots, the VM doing the reboot.

    I upload an image from my management client and try to download it to my new VM, but the task is still in queue. So I think the empty harddisk is the problem, so I install a small linux to the harddisk. But if I boot with PXE there is still a boot loop. When I change the MAC address from the VM the menu appear and I can do the inventory, but after a reboot I have the same problem.

    My network setup:

    Home network with internet -> my laptop -> Virtual Box with some VMs

    1. PfSense connectet to my LAN for the internet and an internal virtual network for the following VMs
    2. Win7 Management VM
    3. Fog Server 1.2.0 with DHCP
    4. New VM

    I use the search, but can’t find a thread with my problem. 🙂

    I change the MAC address from my new VM to the old MAC address and now the image is loading.
    If this success I try to find out, what the problem was. 😉

    I think I found the problem.
    After any action with fog (inventory, apply upload or download task, …) I have to “shutdown” the VM by closing the window and boot it up again. WTF! 😄

    [url="/_imported_xf_attachments/1/1380_2014-09-25 22_14_58-Win7_1 [wird ausgeführt] - Oracle VM VirtualBox.png?:"]2014-09-25 22_14_58-Win7_1 [wird ausgeführt] - Oracle VM VirtualBox.png[/url]

  • This is a known issue with vbox. Use ipxe.pxe and all should work.