• Attempting to install FOG 1.2.0 on CentOS 7.0.1406. Mysql-server failed on install. Anyway to fix this? Here’s my /var/log/foginstall.log

    Installation Started…

    Installing required packages, if this fails
    make sure you have an active internet connection.

    • Packages to be installed: httpd php php-cli php-common php-gd php-mysql mysql mysql-server tftp-server nfs-utils vsftpd net-tools wget xinetd tar gzip make m4 gcc gcc-c++ lftp

    • Skipping package: httpd (Already installed)

    • Installing package: php

    • Skipping package: php-cli (Already installed)

    • Skipping package: php-common (Already installed)

    • Installing package: php-gd

    • Installing package: php-mysql

    • Installing package: mysql

    • Installing package: mysql-server
      Error: Nothing to do

    • Installing package: tftp-server

    • Skipping package: nfs-utils (Already installed)

    • Installing package: vsftpd

    • Skipping package: net-tools (Already installed)

    • Skipping package: wget (Already installed)

    • Skipping package: xinetd (Already installed)

    • Skipping package: tar (Already installed)

    • Skipping package: gzip (Already installed)

    • Skipping package: make (Already installed)

    • Installing package: m4

    • Installing package: gcc

    • Installing package: gcc-c++

    • Installing package: lftp

    Confirming package installation.

    • Checking package: httpd…OK
    • Checking package: php…OK
    • Checking package: php-cli…OK
    • Checking package: php-common…OK
    • Checking package: php-gd…OK
    • Checking package: php-mysql…OK
    • Checking package: mysql…OK
    • Checking package: mysql-server…Failed!

  • Easiest thing?

    Maybe not using CentOS 7.0?

    Next bet, find out what software is ACTUALLY trying to be installed and return the proper information in the file?

    In trunk/lib/redhat/config.sh you should find the package listing for the type of installation you’re attempting to perform. My guess, if my memory serves me well, is you’re attempting to to actually install MariaDB. I don’t know if the mysql-server package will actually do anything with the mariadb-server package as I’m not even sure if it installs with that name any more.