Ubuntu Server configuration pre-Fog Installation

  • I realize you don’t recommend Ubuntu first, and especially not, but I’ve got them working with svn 19xx-2308 with minor gotchas.

    Since it appears that FOG installs LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), is there any reason I would not want to also include LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) in my initial (ubuntu-14.04.1-server-amd64) install over how FOG installs them?

    The same goes for Clam-AV.

  • Ahh, good to know that’s the intent then. Thank you.

  • it doesnt install at all any more in svn

  • Thank you.

    However, this leads to the reason why I included Clam-AV in my question.

    Installing the svn (since about 2250) from scratch on a virgin system, sometimes the Clam-AV will fail to install. Breaking the FOG installation script.

    The solution has been to immediately re-run the installation script for FOG … or … manually fix a bunch of things including manually installing Clam-AV.

  • Clam-av, at least in svn, will no longer be a requirement. It’s a prebuilt package mounted by nfs. If you want to install clam-av to the distro there should be no effect.

  • And what about Clam-AV?

  • FOG Installs far more than LAMP. While you’re correct it installs Apache, MySQL, and PHP, there’s also sub dependencies FOG needs.

    The installer will install all of the needed things for you, but if the items are “pre-installed” it may actually cause dependency breaking. If you want to install with Linux with the lamp, be my guest. I’ve never had luck with getting fog to install properly if lamp is pre-installed though.