• I know this is going to sound a bit of a odd request of help, as it asking FOG to do something it is not designed to do.

    Some background, the idea is to create a dual boot W7 and Ubuntu 11 installation, I have managed to get rid of the 100mb system reserved partition for windows so I now a 4 partition setup, Win 7, Win 7 data, Ubuntu, Swap.

    One of the main issues we have in this project is speed of re-image, and there is no budget to improve the network hardware or the client hardware for that matter.

    Now as a very quick and dirty experiment, I manually renamed the Windows partition image files on the server leaving just the .mbr and the Ubuntu installation image in place, while FOG did complain slightly as expected about not being able to find some files the image worked on a blank hard disk, grub was re-installed and Ubuntu worked as expected.

    So my next though was would it be possible to add a either a submenu to the Quick Image option or additional menu items to offer the following options.

    Re-image Win7 only
    Re-image Win7 + Data only
    Re-image Data only
    Re-image Ubuntu only
    Full re-image

    I guess it comes down to is this possible and if so how would I go about achieving it?