Invalid OS id (0)

  • I am currently running a FOG server on Ubuntu 11.10. I had uploaded an image last night of a Windows 7 PC and all went well. Today I have tried to upload a Windows XP SP3 image and I keep getting an “Invalid OS id (0)” after I boot into PXE and clicking upload image. I have created the image on the FOG server and assigned the correct MAC address to the correct image.

    Laptop I am having issues with:
    Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 0319.
    OS: Windows XP SP 3
    Two partitions, two 120gb.
    Software that could possibly interfere with an upload, Windows Steadystate
    Options I have checked for the image upload is the “Raw Data Image”

    An error I have noticed while it is uploading is an “Unknown device” for BIOS version, I’m not sure if this could make a difference.

    Working laptop was just an HP Elitebook 8440p.

    Thank you for the help.